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January 19, 2016
Extreme Long Bong Beer Bong – 20 Ft. Tube
January 19, 2016
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Long Bong Beer Bong – Balcony Funnel Bong – 10 Ft. Tube


Long Bong Balcony Bong – 10 Ft. Tube and Ultimate Valve

  • Funnel holds 40 oz
  • Ultimate Valve
  • Tubing


Long Bong – Balcony Beer Funnel – Party Beer Bong

VALVE – This valve was made only to be used on a Beer Bong. It won’t drip, it won’t leak and it’s easy to use. That’s why we call it the ULTIMATE VALVE, you have to try it.
FUNNEL – Holds 40oz, it’s sturdy and thicker thank any other funnel out there. It will take your abuse and still keep it’s form. We make it here in the USA!
TUBING – We buy the expensive thick tubing, made here in the USA. You won’t find this tubing on many other Beer Bongs. It won’t break, or kink.

Additional information
Weight 3 lbs
Funnel Color

Black, Blue, Bright Green, Bright Orange, Bright Pink, Red, White, Yellow

Tube Color

Clear, Pink

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