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If you’re planning a wild party, you are going to need a few products to make it a hit. No need to worry, you came to the right place! We have a number of drinking accessories for everyone, Beer Funnels and Shotgunning Devices for all.

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Beer bongs are awesome! You see them in college parties all the time and there’s a reason for it. When you bring out the beer bong, everyone goes wild! Shop our beer bongs, food grade beer funnels and novelty drinking gifts. They’re perfect for a college party, frat party or taking away on Spring Break.

We know how much fun you can have with beer bongs so we make sure each product is high-quality. The last thing you want is to buy a cheap beer bong or food grade drinking funnel that doesn’t last after one use. All of our beer funnels and tubing are made in the USA and FDA approved.